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Post Hurricane Matthew Update

Thanks to the success of our pre-sale period and support from our early customers, aqUV is planning a trip to Haiti in early 2017 to donate purifiers to our partner organizations (keep checking our Facebook and Instagram pages for trip updates). In the meantime as we prepare for our trip, we wanted to update our supporters on the current status following the destruction of Hurricane Matthew.

October 16th from Free the Kids:

On Friday, Pwoje Espwa distributed over 2,000 meals to local families who have been left homeless by Hurricane Matthew. Many also lost all of their belongings along with their farm animals and gardens, which were their only source of income and food.

Espwa staff has set up food distribution sites around southwestern Haiti, where the Category 4 made landfall on Oct. 4th, to provide food to families in need. Your generosity is helping us provide food to these hungry children and families.

During these times of desperation, reports of violence are on the rise. This requires beefing up security for our supply transports, at our own village and for the food storage centers.

October 21st from Free the Kids: 

These aerial images from southwestern Haiti were provided by Cross Catholic Outreach. Free the Kids is partnering with Cross Catholic Outreach to provide much needed support in villages near Pwoje Espwa that were badly damaged during Hurricane Matthew. Pictured below is the boys’ housing complex at Pwoje Espwa. This neighborhood had 20 homes and housed 200+ boys. Our dome-style housing in the girls’ neighborhood endured the massive storm with no serious damage, so gradually replacing homes for the boys with the dome style makes more sense than just rebuilding the traditional style. We want to ensure the safety and security of our children and spend our money wisely on the more durable buildings. Each new dome will cost $20,000 to build and furnish. We will need at least 20 to house the boys already under our care.

November 2nd from Free the Kids:

Due to your generosity within only one month after Hurricane Matthew hit southwestern Haiti, temporary repairs were completed on all the damaged homes in the boys’ neighborhood. The boys were delighted to return to their homes on Monday.

The picture below shows our boys moving their belongings from the school. The boys were moved to the secure school building prior for safety. The repairs cannot endure another storm, but for now, our children are home again and school can reopen soon.

Our work in Haiti has only just begun. As Father Marc Boisvert reports, “Most families lost their homes, their belongings, their livestock and gardens. Seasonal rains since Matthew have left them with nothing to protect their children.” This includes nearly 300 of our own employees and transition kids’ families and over 500 in our nearby community. We need your continued support! Through your continued generosity we may help our families and our neighbors rebuild their lives as well.

On more information on how to help, please visit

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